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Michael J. Marra has over thirty years of experience as a family law lawyer practicing throughout Southern Ontario.  He represents support payors in Court cases where the FRO is attempting to take aggressive enforcement actions.  As a former FRO lawyer he knows the system. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional continuing legal education conferences and seminars focussed on  FRO, support enforcement and family support law.  Mr. Marra accepts  FRO cases in the Toronto, Newmarket, Brampton, Milton, Hamilton, Kitchener and Guelph courts. Contact Mr. Marra by email -mike(at)  to discuss retainer terms and conditions.  Mr. Marra does not accept Legal Aid.  

If you are facing a FRO DRIVER'S LICENSE SUSPENSION, WAGE GARNISHMENT or DEFAULT HEARING you need legal advice.  There are options and solutions available. 

Please note that this is not the FRO Office.  FRO does not receive emails.  The FRO phone number is 1-416-326-1817 or 1-800-267-4330. Have your case number ready when you call FRO.  Also please note that FRO cannot change your payments.  You must return to court to change your payments. 


The FRO Phone Number is 1-416-326-1817 or 1-800-267-4330




Mr Marra has extensive experience dealing with support cases for recipients and payors. Retain Mr. Marra  to represent you in the negotiation of a settlement of your support issue or retain Mr. Marra  to represent you in court.

- retroactive support

- termination of child support for adult children

- spousal support changes

- section 7 expenses

-adjust arrears

- inter-jurisdictional cases


Mr. Marra has handled thousands of support cases in his career. He specializes in support law and understands the complexitites of FRO, social assistance & the Court systems in Southern Ontario.  In certain child support cases FLAT RATE FEE AGREEMENTS are available for your MOTION to CHANGE.  Contact Mr. Marra by email to see if you qualify.               


Preparing Court documentation in child support cases is difficult for parents who are representing themselves in Motions to Change in Court.  Under the Ontario Family Law Rules it is a challenge for self-represented parties to properly complete the required documents in order to be allowed to file the documents at the  court counter.   However, getting the documents filed is only the  beginning.  Early resolution or determination of your case is almost entirely based on the quality of the court documentation that you have filed.  Avoid multiple adjournments, time off work and frustration by having your initial Motion to Change documents prepared by Mr. Marra.   The  flat fee for the document preparation  in the typical child support case is $1,000 plus HST. Terms and conditions apply and services are subject to a written Limited Scope Retainer Agreement or "Unbundling Agreement" which limits Mr. Marra's services to the preparation of the initial Motion to Change documents and basic advice in relation thereto.  The services do not extend to communications or negotiations on your behalf, subsequent documents required in the case such as briefs, confirmations, temporary motions &/or affidavits or updated Financial Statements,   representation in Court, service of the Motion to Change or attending at the Court to file the Motion to Change.  

Your FRO and support payment issues can be solved

Making late support payments or making no payments at all combined with child support enforcement by FRO can result in a 50% wage garnishment, bank account and property seizure, negative credit bureau reports, driver's license suspension, passport suspension and default hearings leading to jail sentences.      

Changes can be made to  support payments and in some situations the arrears can be adjusted as well.  There are a number of  options available to  support payors who are facing aggressive enforcement action by FRO. Immediate legal advice is available and crucial in these situations. There are several alternatives when dealing with FRO - among them Family Court Variation Applications and Motions to Change the monthly payment . 

To change the amount that FRO is enforcing you have to change the existing court order or agreement.  This means that you have to negotiate a new support arrangement with your co-parent  & sign an amending agreement or go to Court and obtain a new order (Motion to Change).  Legal advice is strongly recommended.  if you are facing aggressive enforcement action by FRO, such as driver's license or passport suspension, 50% wage deduction, bank seizure or a jail term immediate legal advice is essential.    

Please note that FRO does not have authority to change your monthly payments or arrears.  FRO is not a support recalculation service.  If you require a change in monthly payments or arrears you must obtain a new court order or amending agreement with your co-parent.


Michael J. Marra is a family law lawyer with over thirty  years  of experience in all aspects of Family Law and Divorce cases and a  former FRO lawyer  who is  well-known throughout southern Ontario. 

Mr. Marra is the owner and author of and is committed to   helping parents generally  be in the best position to fulfill their child support obligations and responsibilities in accordance with the governing law.

Michael J. Marra has extensive experience dealing with complex and complicated family law cases.  Mr. Marra has extensive courtroom experience at all levels of court throughout Southern Ontario.  Mr. Marra has represented clients in Inter-jurisdictional Support ISO cases  involving the UK, Australia, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Florida, California, Michigan, Ohio, Cuba, Turks and Caicos and most of the Canadian provinces and territories.   





Since the launch of in 2006 Mr. Marra  and his team have clearly recognized the widespread need for basic information, systems and tools for families in the family justice system.   The content of is designed to help parents  generally better understand their rights and obligations regarding family support.  It is not intended to be specific legal advice for any individual.  All parents are encouraged to seek legal advice regarding their individual situation and circumstances.  As part of his ongoing commitment to family justice, Mr. Marra and his support team have developed  the Support Information Exchange   to help  families organize, manage and comply with  their family support responsibilities.