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MICHAEL J MARRA Family Support Law

Your support payment issues and FRO problems can be solved.   The founder and author of the  FRO SOLUTION, Michael J Marra knows the Ontario Family Court system. He was part of the team that implemented FRO province-wide in 1987 and acted as FRO Counsel until 2005-06. As part of his family law and mediation practice in East Toronto he helps clients solve family support cases and related FRO legal problems.  If you have a difficult support case and are stuck in the FRO &/or Court system contact Mike Marra by email at mjmarra6(at)     


 "At a time in my life when I was panicked and scared, raising 3 children and served with a motion to stop paying all back child support, FRO Solutions was able to give me the direction and course of action, that not one of the other 7 law firms I approached could assist me with. No one else was willing to assist with the case brought against me due to the travel, complexity of 13 years and FRO components. Mike stepped in and without ever meeting him, he was able to empower me to help myself face the fight, find the strength I needed, assistance in the area the battle was fought and ultimately won!  Thank you Mike. When no one else would, you could and did!" Shawna, Waterloo 2015  

"I would recommend Michael J Marra of The FRO Solution to anyone searching for great legal advice. Mike is very helpful and is currently helping me achieve the best outcome of my divorce settlement. He is professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my concerns.  I am very satisfied with the results so far. "  Chantal, Guelph 2016  

"Working with a family lawyer and trying to settle very emotional matters of custody, support and property can be the most difficult time in one's life.  I had the pleasure of meeting Michael a few years back and we have kept in touch over the years.  Most recently, I again worked with Michael to settle a separation.  Michael Marra is cut from a different mold, he is a man of honesty, integrity and unselflessness who put my best interests at the forefront and logically and thoughtfully talked me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  I know he sincerely cared and that meant everything to me.  If you are looking for this type of lawyer Michael is exceptional and I highly recommend him. As well his approach to remuneration allows for constructive and productive resolution.  Thank you Michael, I appreciate what you did for me and I will always remember it. " MJC, Toronto 2016 "

" I had the pleasure of working with Mike during a rather difficult mediation. I'd worked with a few lawyers in the past and found the process very frustrating but Mike brought to the table a common sense approach combined with a great ability to distill down the noise to resolve the issues at hand.  I would not hesitate to recommend him."  Angus, Toronto, 2016    

" Mike Marra's many years of experience and extensive knowledge of family law are reflected in your first consultation session and it is refreshing.  His quick understanding of the issues you face, his ability to concisely write correspondence which target the issues that matter to you and his prompt feedback are what sets Mike apart from other lawyers.  Mike Marra also offers affordable legal guidance which demonstrates his passionate commitment to the law and our children's best interests."  Sonia, Halton, 2016        

"My case was very difficult and complicated. I had lost all hope until I met Mike.  He took control and sorted everything out. I have no more worries! Great man, a great lawyer."  Angelo, Toronto 2015  

"I have had dealings with 5 more or less unsatisfactory lawyers in the last few years. I found Mr. Marra to be a stand out, as he was exceedingly honest, upfront, clear, competent and to the point."  Stefanos, Toronto 2016


Law Society of Upper Canada # 20700N


The FRO SOLUTION provides basic legal information to help separated parents better understand the legal framework for child support payments, arrears and FRO enforcement in Ontario.  The information provided on this site is not legal advice. Experienced and knowledgeable legal advice is critical and essential in all family law cases.
















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