Annual Income Disclosure is Mandatory in Ontario
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Annual Disclosure of Special Expenses is Mandatory in Ontario
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The FRO SOLUTION provides basic legal information to help separated parents better understand the legal framework for child support payments, arrears and FRO enforcement in Ontario. The information provided on this site is not legal advice. Experienced and knowledgeable legal advice is critical and essential in all family law cases. 

It has been widely reported that as many as 75% of the people using the Ontario Family Court system do not have a lawyer.

The founder and author of the  FRO SOLUTION, Michael J Marra, an Ontario family law lawyer with over 34 years of experience, uses a practical, common sense, early resolution approach. Most family law cases are not difficult to settle. However, it takes good information, creative options and leadership to reach an agreement.

Mr Marra provides detailed consultation/advisory/coaching services for people throughout Ontario who are attempting to handle their case without a lawyer. The usual fee for each service is $400.

Mr. Marra also provides "unbundled" or "Limited Scope Retainer" services for Document Preparation, Negotiations with Opposing Counsel, Case Conferences,  Settlement Conferences, Disclosure Orders and Temporary & Final Offers to Settle. The fee for these services is a case specific, agreed upon FLAT RATE and typically follows a detailed consultation. 

If you are newly separated, Mr. Marra can provide mediation services to help you and your partner negotiate a Separation Agreement. If you already have a mediator Mr. Marra can provide you with independent legal advice to help you navigate your way through the mediation process. If your partner has a lawyer Mr. Marra  can negotiate &/or draft a Separation Agreement with that lawyer on your behalf. All of these services are provided on a "pay as you go" basis (no retainer deposit) at $400 per hour. In some cases FLAT RATES are available. 

For more details and specific terms and conditions contact Mr. Marra by email mjmarra6(at)  

Mike Marra also provides no fee mentoring/brainstorming to newly called and young lawyers on substantive family law, practice and procedural issues and concerns. Please feel free to email at anytime.





Your FRO & Support Payment Problems Can be Solved

Making late payments or no payments at all combined with support enforcement by FRO can result in a 50% wage garnishment, bank account or property seizure, negative credit reporting, driver's license suspension, passport suspension or default hearing and jail sentences. 

There are a number of options available to support payors who are facing aggressive enforcement action by FRO.  Immediate legal advice is critical in these situations.

To change the amount that FRO is enforcing you have to change the existing court order or separation agreement. This means that you have to negotiate a new support agreement with the support recipient or go to court to obtain a new order (Motion to Change).  If you can't afford a lawyer you should go to the Family Law Information Center (FLIC) at your local family court where basic information regarding Motion to Change filing procedures is available at no charge.  Extensive information regarding Motions to Change is also  available on the left hand index on this page. 

This is not the FRO Office. The FRO phone number is 1-416-326-1817 or 1-800-267-4330.  Have your case number ready when you call. FRO does not receive emails.